Silver Back Blueprint

Our Men lose 25 - 40 lbs

- Limited to Only 6 Men accepted                    per session 

The Silver Back Blueprint is a 90 day step-by-step transformation program for men that includes a clean meal plan, personalized supplementation, fat-burning & body Changing workouts, and daily inspiration to help you feel Strong and Confident, look AMAZING, & have the all the energy you want to do the things you really want to do

Here are some of the Program Highlights

  • I personally work in depth with 6 men for the 90 days
  • Trained by me 2 -3 times per week in an exclusive private group
  • Weekly accountability
  • Unlimited Access to all of our Boot Camp Classes 
  • Complete Food plan
  • Get your Testosterone levels up!
  • Burn Fat
  • Build lean muscle 
  • Access to the "Hangar" gym
  • Secret" Facebook Group for all of our Silver Back members
  • ..and so much more
JOIN our February 5th 2018 Session only 2 spots remaining

I decided to sign up with Silverback’s because I was attracted to the idea of a longer term program which integrated sensible eating, exercise, group sessions and individual counseling.

All four elements under one roof were very attractive to me. To date I have lost 29 pounds and I am loving it!

On this SilverBack program I learned how to: 
• lose fat while satisfying hunger
• estimate proper portion sizes
• stay motivated and consistent, That was accomplish with the support of the SilverBack group
• Keep track of what I eat and what exercise I have done - this was a great help for me in keeping focus.
I would like to convey my very sincere appreciation to:
• SilverBack group was more of a group of friends then just clients of Silverbacks
• SilverBack guys for their continued support This was key to my success
• This was the key to my success! Thanks to the Silverback’s, I am happy and healthy again

Luc (The smaller old man) 63 yrs old



I am 63 years old retired (kind of).

Curd said you have to be serious and committed if not don’t waste your money and my time. (He used other words but this is what he meant.)
I have been working with Curd now for almost three years and I can say today my body, mind, have never been in better shape.

Curd has developed workout programs just for me that keep my body fit my mind sharp and me feeling good about myself again, and I had fun doing it.

I work out twice a week with Curd Mondays and Friday and now I play squash twice a week and can’t wait for the golf season to start.
Thanks Curd

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Eric Deschamps 

Curd and the Hostyle family have changed my life!

At 44 years of age, I am now in the best shape of my life! I have lost over 20 pounds and added some good muscle mass, and I am back wearing a waist size I wore in high school. (Curd should have warned me I would need a whole new wardrobe!)

As a busy business owner and entrepreneur, the training at Hostyle helps me stay fit, strong, and energetic. It also acts as a great stress reliever, and has improved my focus and my mental game. 
I also have a busy family life (family of seven + two dogs), so going to the gym every day is not option. I train three times a week for one hour at a time, which is a small price to pay when I consider the return on investment.

My Hostyle workouts are an important part of my routine, and I look forward to the challenge Curd throws down every time I’m there. Hostyle really knows how to keep it real, keep it fresh, and keep it relevant to my fitness level. 
I highly recommend Curd, and the Hostyle community to anyone who is serious about taking control of their health.

They will help you crush it and get results… period!

Thanks Hostyle! I am a raving fan!

  • More strength
  • More Self Esteem
  • More energy and LIFE!

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