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a gym that's as serious you are ...

and we want you to experience it for yourself Right now, you can do just that !

At the Hangar Gym we're only accepting 200 members for the Hangar. This is your chance to have a great workout in and great gym before we max out on memberships. 

Train with men and women just like you We're a community that trains hard together  

Hostyle Open Gym Monolifts in Ottawa Canada

Hostyle Open Powerlifting Gym 10 plus Squat Racks Ottawa Canada

The Hangar Gym is the newest, serious training facility in the region.  

It gets back to the core of why we started training in the first place. It's what makes us, us.

I knew we needed to create a place like the Hangar where men and women could go to train effectively and seriously.  

A no nonsense facility that was geared to getting results, no more wasting time with the Box gym yahoos who get in the way of your workouts. 

  • 6000 sg ft of open space 
  • over 50 feet of Crossfit rigging 
  • Selectorized machine section 
  • Cardio Area 
  • Dedicated Powerlifting area 
  • Exclusive - only a limited # of memberships available 

hangar gym Curd Hos Hostyle ottawa

I've heard it for years - "We want more!" 

By now you know that there ate lots of places to train, but they're not the same. Like me, you're probably tired of the "night club gyms". You need more of the right things to get the right results. 

  • more racks 
  • more bars and plates 
  • heavier dumbells 
  • more chalk 
  • more room to train properly 
  • more people who are focused on getting the most out of the gym 


The Hangar gym solves all of that and then some. 

Weight training has been part of my life , my business and my identity for over 28 years now. 

I have always pictured a training facility that like minded men and women can call home. The Hostyle Community has been growing for 8 years now. We've been refining and improving everything we do. 

This is the final piece of the puzzle that we've all been waiting for.

Hostyle Open Powerlifting Gym  Ottawa Canada

Specialty Equipment

Stuff you won't see anywhere

The Hangar Gym has unique and effective equipment.

Bench Rigs

Prone Row

Belt Sqaut


Deadlift bars

and more

hangar gym rig set up hostyle

Lots of equipment

No more waiting for the only 1 -2 racks in the gym

We have 7 Rack stations

7 adjustable benches

Dumbells over 120 lbs

Selectorized Circuit

Lots of plates

Space to move and train in

hangar gym belt squat hostyle

Any Level of Athlete

Bodybuilder - Powerlifter - Just Love lifting

Whatever your level or goals. 

Hardcore mom of 3

Business Owner

Weekend warrior thats not ready to stop

Or like me 50 year old Silverback that loves to bend bars and compete among the young guns!

The Hangar is for you

The Hangar gym is Located inside Hostyle Conditioning

Entrance between Cora's and The Royal Oak

1977 St Joseph Blvd - Orleans - On - K1C 1E5



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The Hangar Gym Hours 

Mon-Fri 5:30 am to 10 pm 

Sat 8 am to 5 pm 

Sun 10 am - 3 pm 

Holiday Mondays 10 am - 2 pm